Making God Famous!

Selina Khoo Eam Sian

My wife for the last 12years, Selina is a very capable woman who has a passion for intercession as well as building family blocks. She is obviously the backbone of the family, and spends a major part of her time at home ministering to the kids as well as homeschooling them. She also maintains the family blog and uses that to encourage friends. This year, she has embarked on writing weekly devotionals as she seeks to deposit gems into the hearts of friends. She has a strong following in her weekly devotions.

 Ashlynn Lim May Yen

Ashlynn 11, is the eldest in the family and is a natural leader. Her name means "strong and beautiful" and indeed she is living out her name. She is very creative and is totally passionate about dance. In fact, she is a natural in dance and movement. She is a dreamer and dreams to build and manage a dance theatre in the future. From a tender age she has been sensitive to the Lord's voice and presence, she is also an avid reader and loves creative writing, Read Ashlynn's Discoveries from her blog.

Nathalynn Lim Shu Yen

Nathalynn was born premature and spent the first 56 days of her life in this world in the hospital. She is 10 years old this year and you will never find any indication that is was premature birth. Her birth has been very significant to us as a family in many areas, especially in ministry and our spiritual walk. Although she is the quieter one compared to her siblings, she is just as creative in all aspects. She is also a natural dancer and is fond of dancing together with Ashlynn. She also takes on after her mom and is always the first to comfort and take care of her younger siblings. Read more about her stories in her blog entitled "Nuggets from Nat's World".

Chrisalynn Lim Ching Yen

Chrisalynn can't wait to have a blog of her own! Out of the 4 siblings, Chrisa seems to be the lifewire. She will be 6 years old this year, and is always cheerful. There is never a dull moment with her. Taking her out will be a day that is sure to be filled with stories and excitement. She is very entertaining and very witty. She just wants to make people laugh at times. Somewhere in the midsts of all that fun and laughter, there is a seriousness and passion about being a soldier for Jesus. A heart of a warrior!

Ashton Lim Wei Sheng

His name means "Strong Fortress"; and just like Nathalynn, born premature, his birth at 33 weeks is also a significant spiritual milestone in the family. The conception of Ashton and the church was at the same time. He will be 1 year old this year and so will Gateway City Church. Ashton is charming, active, and strong, he will definately grow up to be a mighty man of God.