Making God Famous!




It is truly by the grace of God that our whole family had the privillage to visit Melbourne again after just 2 years. (Perhaps I will get a chance to blog about that at another time). We flew AirAsia, and on our final leg from KL to Penang a few things happened. Amongst them was the delay of our flight. We had been waiting in the airport for many hours already because of the transit and when we finally wanted to check in, we were taken aback that the flight was not listed. Did I see the details correctly? Well, after some enquiry I was told that the flight had been reschedule 35mins later then what we, wait. After what seemed to be a long 35mins, we finally got in to the waiting lounge. And not long after we found our seats to rest, an announcement came over the PA to say that the flight has been delayed. No time for departure given. Just an estimate time that the plane will arrive at the ariport. So, according to my calculationa, we had to wait another hour or so.
Finally, when the plane arrived and we were allowed to board, everyone was excited. The flight attendant directed us to board using the back door and when we got up onto the plane, we found out that we were seated at the very last row. Not a bad thing at all, as it would mean that we will be the first to get out. The flight was very short considering the waiting that we had already gone through the whole day. And when the plane finally stopped we were excited to be the first ones out. Got our things from the overhead compartment and stood in line waiting for the doors to be opened.
After a few minutes of waiting, the cabin crew said, "Sorry, only one door. Everyone has to exit at the front." Wah! Wait some more! That seemed to be the word from the Lord for the trip as we encounted God then, just standing and waiting to get out of the plane. This is a season of waiting....
Another reminder was the word at the end of Matthew chapter 19, that the first will be last and the last will be first. We may have been waiting, and waiting, and waiting, but in due time it will be our season to be launched out to the front again. So, be still and wait when it is time to wait. Wait... and watch, wait... and listen.


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