Making God Famous!

Two days ago, the reality of answered prayer came as God blessed us with a new van! For many years our family has been praying for a new car as ours was getting very old and was beginning to give problems more frequently. Last December, I had an accident and the old car was sold of as it was not worth repairing. So, for two months it was back to basics and I was on the motobike for most of the time. God knows our needs! Last week he sent someone to offer me a van! Wow! and just after one week, we drove off with it.
The kids are obviously excited as it has been a squeeze for the whole family in a Kancil. What shall we call this van? (They give names to almost everything) How about "the ark"? The van can take a capacity of 8 persons and there were 8 in the ark when the flood came...hmm...that was the conversation when the excited kids were on the way to pick up the van. Conclusion? We did not have any...but yesterday, I heard them calling our new transport the Silver Ark! :)
All glory goes to God for his outpouring of grace and providence!



03/08/2009 21:38

wah wah wah!!!

woooooooooo!! omg this is so exciting and amazing! =)

i can get a ride now! hahahaha


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