Making God Famous!

So very often when we go to our local hawker stalls and order a plate of delicious Char Koay Teow I see a person setting aside the 2 or maybe 3 precious prawns to the side of the plate. "I'm saving the best for last" is often the reply when i ask why a person does that.

Just like 2 or 3 measly prawns being set apart so that a person can feel good, savouring and letting its taste and aroma linger in the mouth; there is also a purpose that we are set apart by God. God sets us apart for a holy purpose. It is more that just a feel good thing. He actually has high calling and purpose for all of us. And He does it for His pleasure.

Do we know why we are being set apart? Saul and Barnabas were set apart for the purpose of the work of the ministry (Acts13:2-3). And they heard the voice of the Holy Spirit calling them to be set apart when they were in the midst of worship and fasting.

If we are uncertain of the purpose to what we are set apart by God for, then perhaps we should enter into a greater encounter with Him. This encounter often comes in the midst of worship and prayer.

I am challenged to encounter God more. I am challenged to discover in greater depth the purposes of God in my life. I am being Set Apart!



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