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Today the National Floorball Team arrived in Korea for the Asia Pacific Floorball Championships (APAC). The team started initial preparations in the 3rd quarter of 2008 and we were planning to take only 15-18 players this time as opposed to a large team of about 20 in the past years. By January, the team was named and there were 15 on the list. The other 3 who qualified could not make it. However last month another 2 key players pulled out and there was 13 of us left. At that point, my role as coach also had to switch a little in that I would still be coach by took on an additional role as a "spare" player if anything were to happen. And "anything" did happen! Just 2 days before our travel date, I get news that another 2 will not be able to make it! That leaves 2 lines (10 players) and one keeper including me. That means no spares, no back up players. What is happening?

This reminded me of Gideon when God reduced his team from 32,000 men to a mere 300 (Judges 7) when they faced the Midianites and defeated them. How do you draw strength in times when the odds are against you? The National Floorball Team will have to do just that. We will have to search within to look for inner strength, mental strength, and most of all to draw strength from the Almighty. Gideon won the battle with trumpets and torches in empty jars. How will we win the battles in our lives when we seem to be "reduced"? It is only by the grace and strength of the Almighty God!



03/23/2009 08:54

Thanks, dear! For the reminder. I so need His strength and grace especially with your absence.


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