Making God Famous!
 There is a phrase that says, "if you want to fly like eagles, don't hang around turkeys". Recently I was reading a book by Michael Catt entitled "Prepare for Rain". Michael Catt is the senior pastor of Sherwood Baprist Church and that church was empowered to produce movies which included one entitled Facing the Giants.

This book tells of how God uses ordinary prople in the church for extraordinary tasks. It also challenges us to take whatever God has given us, to think big and impact prople for eternity. There is a section in the book where the author says that we should "never let losers tell us how to win". That immediately brought my mind to the phrase about eagles and turkeys.

So very often we are reminded of the fact that we need to surround ourselves with Godly people, people who would spur us on and cheer us to the finish line no matter how we run. But the fact is that we take so little time to develop those friendships that will count for eternity. So often we fail to hang around eagles and winners.

Are there eagles and winners that surround us? Are there Godly people that will be able to spur us on. People that we can rely on at any time to grow us and help us reach the full potential that God has planted within us?

Its time to soar!



Daniel Soon
12/23/2009 06:55

Hi Edward,

I don't know if you realised it or not but I took a quote from the movie Facing The Giant as the motto on SPC Floorball Group page. As I watched the movie, I was moved to tears when I am reminded again how Great God is.

As it was recorded in 1Sam 2:30 " Those who honor me, I will honor."

GBU & your family.


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