Making God Famous!
Just over two months ago (11th July) the young adults of the church decided to go off the Pantai Keracut for an outdoor camp. It was a great plan - Doing something that we don't usually get to do, being able to get together, as well as get to know one another in the midst of adventure. Loving adventure, and wanting to gel with the young adults, I decided to go along with them together with my 3 daughters. Read more about it in the church website.

One of the things that we did not expect, or rather did not really appreciate was the rain. It rained on and off the whole day. And because of the heavy rain, most of the tents that we brought were wet as they were of low quality and we did not have a proper flysheets. However, I had managed to salvage my tent and kept it dry the whole day.

Just before we ended for the night, it started to drizzle a little and as the other tents were all wet to the core, the young adults had no choice but to sleep in the shelter nearly. I however, had a dry tent and since the weekend was to be one of adventure, I just could not pass having to sleep in the tent with the 3 kids. So that was what we did, but I also knew that if it started to rain heavily again in the middle of the night, we would be stuck in the tent and would not be able to get to the shelter without firstly getting all wet. And rain it did!

As it rained, the water eventually trickled into the tent from one end and continued to do so. Not only did it rain, it was "pouring cats and dogs" as some would say. Knowing that if the rain did not slow down or stop, we would all be totally wet. And I did not want to have to deal with 3 wet and sleepy girls. The obvious thing to do was to PRAY!

The obvious was to pray that the rain would stop. As the rain continued to pour, I prayed that the Lord would send a miracle by stopping the heavy rain. In the midst of intense pray for the rain to stop so as we do not get wet, God gave me a vision.  He asked me in the vision very clearly, "Do you want a miracle or do you want me to stop the rain?" I thought, "Isn't that the same thing?" It was then that I realised that I had wanted God to do things my way, and then said, "I want a miracle!"

The rain never stopped until the sun rose. Infact, it continued to rain heavily but a miracle happened. We never got wet! We slept through and stayed dry. I don't understand how except that a miracle happened. Sometimes we think that there is only one way that God can and will work. That night, He showed me that His ways are higher than ours, and that a miracle may not necessarily mean what we perceive it to be. He showed me that we need to surrender our ways and thoughts to Him. God works wonders, and we need to trust Him. We need to stop telling Him what to do, and allow Him to  to do his thing.


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