Making God Famous!

Just a week after the arrival of the Silver Ark, we decided to dedicate this gift that God had given to us back to Him. The van is only a tool that is given to our care and we are to use it to make Him famous.
Amazingly, we had a guest speaker in our church that Sunday in the perosn of Pr. Victor Wong. So obviously, we took the opportunity to invite him to perfrom the "dedication ceremony".
Well, that wasn't the amazing thing...the amazing thing is that we also have another vehicle in the family - a Produa Kancil that was given to Selina some time ago. Fact is, this Kancil at its birth was also dedicated by Pr. Victor Wong years before it became ours to possess.
Now, we have two vehicles given to us; and both dedicated to the Lord by the same person. There must be some significance in that! :)



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