Making God Famous!

Once again, I will miss my birthday at home and with family. This time round I am still in Korea with the National Floorball Team participating in the Asia Pacific Floorball Championships. As I become older, birthdays seem to be less important and there seems to be less emphasis on how elaborate it should be. Keeping it simple is the way to do it.
The guys from the floorball team decided to give me a surprise celebration as they all knocked on the hotel room door just before midnight. Surprised? Not really...but it was really nice of them. They claimed that they bought the most expensive cake in their life (five figure), so i must be really privillaged! :)

Birthdays, no matter how simple or elaborate it may be is significant. It marks a specific time in history that a seed was planted into this world to grow, become, and do great things. So as I spend my birthday and a couple more days here in Korea, I as myself if I have grown, become, and am I doing great things for God? I enter another significant year. This is the year of possibilities!

The most expensive cake ever?! Very nice...and yummy! :)



04/09/2009 23:19

nice cake dad!
so that's where you go the candle from=)

the cake looks very inviting and yummy!!!!!!!!

04/09/2009 23:20

is it a cheese cake????

04/30/2009 01:59

yeah, I agree with you nat. It does look very yummy and inviting!!! It does look like a cheese cake what a long candle


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