Making God Famous!

Another Blog? Yes. Looks like it. Well, there are many reasons to it and it goes back a long way. Since my early years as a new believer in Christ, I have constantly been challenged, reminded, encouraged, and even rebuked at times to keep a journal of everything that God is doing in my life. Sad to day, until this day, things have not changed. I have yet to keep a journal of my encounters with my King but this blog is an attempt to change all that...

It is without a doubt that God is faithful and His faithfulness is evident everyday of our lives. One area that we see that evidence is in the life and the development of the church that God has called us to build - Gateway City Church. The fingerprints of our Loving Father is everywhere in the church; from the calling of his people, to start the church, to the provision, to the peace given as we serve Him, and to the lives of each person He brings to the church. This blog is primarily dedicated to that purpose - To acknowledge that God's handprints are upon our lives; He is at work and its time to Make Him Famous!



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